Nairobi Kenya
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Who We Are.

Our mission is to build regenerative and circular neighborhoods and communities.

Our focus as an organization is on co-creating and operating circular and regenerative innovations that can make the world a better place for everyone. We believe in connecting local knowledge and networks with the useful technology and innovations to provide ample feedback to local communities and ecosystems.

Our Approach.

Our projects are focused on achieving a transition from the current linear, exploitative, and extractive economy to a more circular, restorative, and regenerative economy. We are guided by Kate Raworth's Donought finding the dynamic balance between the social foundation and ecological ceiling. We believe that this approach will not only help us to sustain our planet's natural resources but also to uplift communities and promote social equality.


Our Stories.

As an organization we strive to make a difference in the society. Through training on different agricultural practices and techniques our farmers have gained farming knowledge and skills which has led to increased yields and productivity. Our farmers success is our success.

Our Impact.


Individuals Trained

500 Hectares Restored

Our Donors and Partners.

Latest News.

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