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Abigael Mbithe

Posted on July 19, 2023 byHilda Malowa
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Abigael Mbithe is a top beneficiary of Feedback to the Future (FttF)’s training program that has changed the lives of farmers in Makueni County.
The training equipped her with the agro-forestry technique that enable her to retain water effectively after rainfall and prevent soil erosion hence contributes to sustainable land management.
Through the training, she discovered that strategically planting trees can help capture and store rainwater, allowing it to slowly infiltrate into the ground rather than quickly running off and causing erosion.
“I have learned tree planting practices that help retain water after the rains, as well as how to avoid soil erosion using plans such as napier grass,” states Mbithe .
Utilising this knowledge, she has started planting trees strategically on her land, particularly in areas prone to erosion and water runoff. The training introduced her to plants like napier grass have extensive root systems that bind the soil together, making it less susceptible to erosion caused by downpours.