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Juliana Nduku

Posted on July 3, 2023 byHilda Malowa
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Having a proper understanding of soil management is considered by many as the secret to the success many farmers have realised. Juliana Nduku, a farmer who underwent Feedback to the Future (FttF) training, said the most significant lesson she learnt was the importance of considering the soil type before planting any crops.
The farmer explained that this knowledge revolutionized how she approaches farming and has allowed her to make informed decisions that hugely impact her yield.
After attending the detailed training, she realized that various soil types have different characteristics and compositions. She can confidently select and cultivate crops well-suited to thrive in my specific soil conditions.
“Through the training, I have learned to always consider my soil type before I plant. This helps me know which plants will be supported, by that soil. I mostly plant cassava, arrowroot and sugarcane,” states Juliana.
Additionally, by tailoring her plant choices to the soil type, she has considerably reduced crop diseases and pest infestations, saving her the cost of pesticides and other chemical treatments. Nduku is confident that with her newfound understanding of soil types, her ability to cultivate crops that flourish has changed forever